Advertising is the most established  monotonous form of manipulation, that is non-relenting. Mass media has waged psychological warfare against the consumer, ever evolving, assimilating it’s way into our subconscious and promoting over consumption as a way of life.

From our waking moments to the time lay to rest, the average American experiences more than twenty-five hundred marketing messages daily, from billions(12) of public display ads, millions(3) of radio broadcast and thousands(200,000) of TV commercials. Throughout an average Americans lifespan, the accumulation factor of TV commercial consumption alone is three years.

With all these ads cluttering our minds, somehow the brain has developed mechanisms to protect itself from the saturation of mental pollutants. This ability to block information that’s undesirable, has somehow been genetically evolved{honed attribute} in males from the age of 18-34.  Coincidentally, this group has become the main focal point of ad agencies. Due to their elusiveness, advertisers have been  focusing on entertainment that grabs their attention and holds it. So, much like the girl in high school who wants to be noticed by her puppy_love crush, Ad Agencies are peeling the layers of common decency away and creating images of scantly clad women in seductive positions.

This is the reason why this provocative content has become a standard procedure to overcome these protective filters. From magazines such as Maxim, to clothing companies like Abercrombie & Fitch , American Apparel along with the plethora of billboards from so many other companies, the image of sex has not only dominated our landscape, but our minds and most importantly our behaviors.  We are being taught how to have long lasting love affairs with products while having disposable relationships with each other,

Isn’t time that we analyze the correlation between these images and the unquenchable appetite for sensation-able lust, disposable sex, and the overall commodity of relationships.  Or should we remain ignorant to these conditions and allow our happiness to be dictated by the accumulation of things.


One Response to “Relationships”

  1. Valerie Mitchell June 3, 2010 at 2:09 pm #

    Many people believe wealth is power and based on what I have seen in the music industry, political arena and just daily life…the more you have…the more you can achieve. Both males and females will look at what the other is wearing or driving (aka sporting) and base whether or not this individual is worthy of their company based on the exterior.Check out a few of the reality shows. Basketball wives is a perfect example of individuals putting up with B*** S*** because of the necessity to have the best and not loose social status among their peers. Where does this attitude come from? The media and external stimuli around us. How can we combat just the marketing ads alone when this message also comes across in our music? It’s a phenomenon that will continue to not only evolve but capture our attention and dictate our feelings and actions towards one another…

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